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man treated with CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite Applicators

Almost everyone in the world deals with some form of stubborn body fat. This is why millions of people use cosmetic procedures to tackle and eliminate fat buildup. Thanks to technological advancements, non-invasive fat-freezing makes reducing those fat cells easy without surgery or pain. Since 2011, the original CoolSculpting treatment was the only non-invasive fat reduction method using Cryolipolysis. Now, it has a popular sister treatment making waves in the industry.

The CoolSculpting Elite is the newest treatment from Allergan. It features new CoolSculpting Elite applicators that are more comfortable and effective. Read on to learn more about each device and how it contours and shapes the body.

The New CoolSculpting Elite Applicators

The new fat-freezing treatment comes with its own line of 7 CoolSculpting Elite applicators. These include 2 applicators in the Flat Series: Flat 125 and Flat 165. 4 applicators in the Curve Series: Curve 80, Curve 120, Curve 150, and Curve 240. The 7th applicator is the Surface 150.

What’s Different?

The Elite applicators were created with patient comfortability and optimized results in mind. The new CoolSculpting Elite machine completes TWO cycles at once thanks to dual-applicator capability. This cuts down on treatment time. It also means you can treat multiple areas of the body at the same time. For example, you can treat both flanks during one cycle! With the original CoolSculpting, you could only treat one flank at a time.

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The new C-shaped applicators are 30% lighter and capable of making better contact with tissue. This means more impressive fat reduction. In addition, each device’s clever design makes treatment more comfortable. It is safe to say that patients are calling CoolSculpting Elite a more enjoyable fat-freezing process.

The new and improved applicators also do the following:

  • Freeze fat more effectively for better fat reduction
  • More ergonomically designed
  • Safe and less invasive
  • Improves treatment experience and minimizes discomfort
  • Freezes fat faster

The Flat Series Applicators

The CoolSculpting Elite’s Flat 125 and Flat 165 target areas known for holding onto resistant fat: the arms and inner thighs. The F125 and F165 make contouring these hard-to-treat areas easy, comfortable, and more effective.

The Curve Series Applicators

Curve 80

The Curve 80 CoolSculpting Elite applicator targets one of the most problematic areas of the body: the submental region. Double chin and neck fat are hard-to-lose and resist diet and exercise. Thankfully, the new C80 applicator makes reducing fat here effortless. This small device is also perfect for treating knee fat and other small areas.

Curve 120 + Curve 150

Known as the C120 and C150, these applicators target treatment areas like the abdomen, bra fat, love handles, and banana rolls. They each perfectly sculpt an area while simultaneously freezing and eliminating fat.

Curve 240

The largest CoolSculpting Elite Applicator, the C240, tackles larger areas of the body like the abdomen. This device eliminates fat cells before sculpting, shaping, and contouring a more slim, lean physique.

The Surface Applicator

The Surface applicator, or S150, is the best CoolSculpting Elite device for areas of fat not large enough for suction-based applicators. It treats various areas, including, but not limited to, the outer thighs and the abdomen.

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CoolSculpting Elite Near Me

If you want to learn more about the new treatment and the CoolSculpting Elite applicators, contact Admire Aesthetics. We are proud to offer this revolutionary fat-freezing treatment for our patients living in Grants Pass and Medford, OR, and surrounding areas Call us at 541-210-8806 to learn more and schedule your consultation now.


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