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CoolSculpting Elite vs. CoolSculpting | What is the Difference?

For years, CoolSculpting was the only fat reduction treatment available within the cosmetic industry. The original treatment hit the market in 2010, using Cryolipolysis to reduce stubborn fat cells in areas like the inner thighs and back. Now, Allergan has improved upon its original CoolSculpting with the introduction of CoolSculpting Elite. The new fat freezing treatment uses the same cooling technology as the first treatment but with many more advantages.

CoolSculpting Elite vs. CoolSculpting: Read on as the treatments face off to ultimately help you determine which will help you achieve your aesthetic body goals.

CoolSculpting Elite vs CoolSculpting: At a Glance


CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite vs CoolSculpting: In Depth

CoolSculpting was the only FDA-cleared treatment for reducing fat non-surgically with cooling technology. During this treatment, technicians apply a proprietary applicator over a bulge of fat. The applicator gently suctions the skin up into the handheld device, which subjects the fat underneath to a calibrated cooling. As a result, the fat cells become hard and brittle. When this occurs, the cell membrane crystallizes and ruptures. As a result, the fat cell dies—weeks after the cooling session, the dead cells process out of the body.

Now, the new CoolSculpting Elite offers the same cooling technology as the first treatment but with many technological advancements like a new machine, dual applicators, and re-engineered applicators.

Understanding CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite offers many new advancements, starting with the new applicators. The new handheld devices allow technicians to freeze twice the amount of fat cells in half the time. 

The new machine features seven new applicators. Each device is different in size and shape, making it a versatile treatment. The applicators are more ergonomic in design with a new C-shape. As a result, they provide a more comfortable fit for every patient. Technicians can easily contour the body without causing any pain.

The new CoolSculpting Elite is now the only FDA-cleared treatment to reduce fat non-invasively in nine areas. The areas include the abs, flanks, armpit, upper arms, below the buttocks, back, knees, double chin, and thighs.


One of the most considerable differences between the two treatments is the dual applicator capability CoolSculpting provides. Original CoolSculpting only targets one area using a single applicator. To achieve dual sculpting with the original procedure, you would have to use two machines simultaneously. CoolSculpting Elite takes that hassle away by providing a machine with dual applicator capability. This allows patients to achieve double the fat reduction in less time.

CoolSculpting Elite Treatment Areas

CoolSculpting Elite is FDA cleated to treat NINE total areas on the body:

CoolSculpting Stomach

The stomach area is one of the most popular treatment areas for the new CoolSculpting Elite. It is no secret that the stomach is an area that commonly holds on stubborn fat cells. Now, with the improvements on CoolSculpting Elite equipment, you can cool sculpt your tummy and experience better fat reduction results and a more comfortable experience thanks to the technology improvements.

During CoolSculpting stomach treatments, an applicator is applied to the lower belly, where it will gently suction the skin, pulling it up and into the applicator, penetrating the skin with advanced cooling—targeting and reducing fat cells in the belly.

CoolSculpting Thighs

Another area that commonly holds onto resistant fat is the thighs. Before CoolSculpting Elite, people who would CoolSculpt their thighs had to have what is known as “mirror treatments,” which means you treat one thigh at a time. Now, thanks to CoolSculpting Elite’s innovative dual contouring abilities, you can treat both thighs simultaneously, reduce twice the amount of fat cells, and improve your physique in a more comfortable fat-freezing experience.

During CoolSculpting Elite treatments on the thighs, you experience dual contouring with one applicator on the left thigh and the other on the right thigh. Once the machine activates, you will experience the gently tugging as the skin is suctioned up into the applicator and exposed to Cryolipolysis.

CoolSculpting Love Handles

Another common problem zone for many people, no matter your gender, is the love handles or flanks. This area on the lower back side of your body is the perfect place for stubborn fat to gather. This commonly causes a “muffin top” for many people. Now, using CoolSculpting Elite, you can comfortability freeze and reduce those diet and exercise-resistant fat cells for a more aesthetically pleasing back profile.

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