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Introducing truBody: What It Is, How It Works, and Why You Need It!

As people grow older, their bodies begin to change. Those changes often include loose skin, weight gain (especially around the midsection), and muscle loss. Plastic surgery can help negate some of these changes and improve the body’s appearance. However, surgery is invasive and associated with potentially dangerous side effects. It also delivers permanent results (which can be a good or bad thing, depending on how well your procedure goes!).

If you’ve been hoping to find a nonsurgical body contouring treatment that can help you change the shape of your body with minimal risk of side effects, you’re in luck. truBody is an FDA-cleared, nonsurgical body contouring treatment. Here’s what to know about this minimally invasive alternative to plastic surgery.

What Is truBody?

truBody by Cutera is a fully customizable treatment that can alter your physique without requiring a single surgical incision. It utilizes both truSculpt and truFlex to reduce fat and tone muscle simultaneously. Though it isn’t considered a weight-loss procedure, it does contour the body to improve your silhouette. It can also help you eliminate stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away with a healthy diet and physical activity.

truBody is a surprisingly comfortable treatment to undergo, and each session only takes between 30 to 60 minutes. As with other body contouring procedures, you must receive multiple treatments to get the best possible results. We usually recommend at least four treatment sessions to our patients. However, we will give customized treatment recommendations based on your physique goals, budget, and body shape.

How truBody Reduces the Subcutaneous Fat Layer

Cutera truBody provides a long-lasting reduction in body fat. It uses truSculpt to destroy fat cells with monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy. The RF energy heats the targeted fat cells until they become too damaged to survive. Once they die, the body eliminates them. The elimination process can take months, so it takes time to see optimal results from truBody treatments.

The truSculpt portion of the truBody treatment targets fat cells below the skin. This is the subcutaneous fat layer that contains highly visible fat pockets. We commonly use truBody treatments to target the thighs, abdomen, and love handles. One clinical study cited by Cutera shows that a single truSculpt treatment can reduce body fat thickness by 24%.1

The truSculpt device is FDA-cleared to treat patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater. Many body contouring treatments have BMI restrictions, but truSculpt does not. Even if your BMI excludes you from other body contouring procedures, it does not exclude you from truBody. This versatile treatment is also appropriate for all skin types.

How truBody Uses Intensity and Muscle Contraction to Tone Muscles

After the truSculpt portion of each truBody treatment, we use truFlex to strengthen, tone, and firm the treated muscles. This impressive technology sends pulses of low-energy bioelectric currents into muscle tissue. The currents cause deep muscle contractions. It isn’t possible to replicate the same intensity or frequency of muscle contractions in the gym. That’s one reason so many athletic people use truBody to help them reach the next fitness level.

The truFlex device has three different modes of treatment:

  • Prep Mode: This mode warms up the muscles by mimicking twisting contractions.
  • Tone Mode: In this mode, muscle contractions are triggered and sustained to exhaustion. This leads to increased strength and endurance.
  • Sculpt Mode: This mode aims to boost basal metabolic rate and build muscle mass. This is the highest-intensity mode offered by the truFlex device.

There are different intensity settings your provider can use during your treatment. Your provider will customize your treatment settings to ensure your comfort and treatment satisfaction. To provide the most comprehensive and customizable body sculpting experience possible, we combine truFlex with truSculpt. Together, the treatments are known as truBody. For those who want to reduce fat and tone muscle in the most non-invasive way possible, truBody is an exceptional treatment option.

How to Tell if You’re a Good Candidate for truBody

People who are generally fit but want to firm and strengthen their bodies are good candidates for truBody. This treatment is also ideal for those who can’t seem to get rid of stubborn areas of fat, no matter what they do. However, people with a high BMI can also benefit from this procedure. There are no BMI restrictions, which means people with a BMI of 30 or higher can receive this treatment. But their results may not be as obvious as results experienced by fitter people.

Patients must understand that truBody is not a weight-loss procedure. However, it does help reduce fat and tone muscle. In these ways, it helps to modify the body’s shape and improve the silhouette. Individuals who live a healthy lifestyle, eat a nutritious diet, and exercise regularly will most likely benefit from the procedure. Please contact us if you have any questions about whether you’re a good candidate. We’ll help you schedule a consultation and analyze your unique case. Once we know more about you, we can recommend the best treatment for your needs.

What to Expect During Your truSculpt & truFlex Appointment

When you arrive for your first truBody appointment, we’ll show you back to the treatment room. This is a good time to ask us any questions you may still have about the procedure. We want to ensure you know exactly what to expect during and after your session. When you’re ready, we’ll use truSculpt to target and reduce fat cells. This takes about 15 minutes. You won’t need any anesthetic because the procedure is minimally uncomfortable.

The truSculpt devices we use gradually heat up in cycles. They gently warm the fat layer just beneath the skin. These devices reach about 113⁰F at their hottest. We prevent burns by ensuring your skin remains approximately 3-4⁰F cooler than the devices. Most patients feel minimal discomfort during treatment. Some even describe the experience as something similar to a massage with hot stones.

Once we finish the truSculpt treatment portion, we move on to the truFlex treatment. This part of the treatment can take anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes. Your treatment time depends on the size of the treatment area. The truFlex devices cause full muscle contractions that may feel strange because they’re involuntary. However, they should not be painful. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, let us know, and we will adjust the device intensity. We cycle through various muscle-triggering settings to simulate different types of intense workouts. Once this part of the treatment is over, it will be as if you’ve performed thousands of squats and sit-ups. But, in reality, you haven’t had to do any manual work.

Schedule Your Cutera truBody Appointment

Why undergo expensive and risky surgical procedures to contour your body when there are non-invasive treatments available? If you’re ready to see how customizable body sculpting can improve your physique, we can help. Contact Admire Aesthetics today at 541-210-8806 to schedule a Cutera truBody appointment. We are proud to be the leading provider of truSculpt iD and truSculpt Flex in both Medford, OR, and Grants Pass, OR, where we serve the surrounding areas.

truBody FAQs

The fat cells destroyed and metabolized by your body after truBody treatments can never come back. They are gone for good. This means the fat reduction benefits of truBody treatments are long-lasting. However, it is still possible for the undamaged fat cells in your body to get bigger. That’s why we recommend sticking with healthy lifestyle habits after your treatment to maintain your results. We also recommend regular truFlex maintenance treatments to keep your muscles strong and tight.

The cost of this treatment ranges depending on geographic location, provider, and treatment area. The total bill can range from $300 to $4,500 per session. The average cost is $2,250 per session.

You will see some results after just one truBody treatment. However, the full results of treatment may not be visible for up to four months post-treatment. This is because it takes the human body time to eliminate the damaged fat cells. To maximize your long-term results, we recommend receiving a series of treatments.

There are no major side effects associated with truBody treatments. The procedure is non-invasive. This means there is no risk of infection, bleeding, or other side effects common with surgery. It is normal to have slightly warm and flushed skin in the treatment area. It’s also common to experience muscle soreness comparable to what you’d feel after an intense workout. Some people also feel a tingling sensation in the treated area. These symptoms should subside within a few hours of treatment.

There is no downtime required after truBody treatment. You can get back to your normal daily routine without any delays. However, you may feel muscle soreness after your treatment for up to three days.


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