Creating a comfortable environment in our Man Cave

Fat does not discriminate! Regardless of age, gender, or body type. we all have that stubborn fat. Regardless of how well we eat or how much we sweat in the gym, it doesn't go away.

There is mounting pressure on you to look great! More and more men are opting for aesthetic procedures, ones that help them look better, feel younger and increase their confidence. CoolSculpting, in particular, is gaining momentum for males because it is a non-invasive procedure that gives them natural looking results and allows them to regain (or gain for the first time) the illusive V shape they are looking for.

There is nothing a man needs to do before the procedure, nor is there anything he needs to do after (with the exception of gaining weight) in order to appreciate the lasting reduction of fat cells in the area treated.

However, what we really wanted to fix was the idea of having to go to a place that catered to women and leaves you feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. We’ve all stepped into these types of facilities. The ones that are feminine and scream girly girl and make a guy feel like they are being judged just for being there. We heard you loud and clear and and that is why we decided to build what we lovingly refer to as the “Man Cave”. Now guys can benefit just like women from this COOL technology but can do so in the privacy of their own guy-centric space.

In our Man Cave, guys can relax in a big, brown leather chair, watch movies or sports on across 3 big screen TVs, or utilize Wifi to get that pesky work done all while freezing away their stubborn and unwanted fat. Talk about multitasking! In fact, many of our male clients don’t want to leave after the treatment is done (in which case we offer them to stay, finish the game and enjoy some time to themselves)!

Men, just like women, want to feel great in their own skin and CoolSculpting can help achieve that. 40% of our clients are males, so you’ll fit right in. We will cater to you, pamper you, or leave you alone as you enjoy the heck out of the Man Cave all while freezing your fat away.

We invite you to come check out our Man Cave and learn more about CoolSculpting to discover if it’s the right solution for you. It’s time to step into the body you’ve been wanting and say adios to that belly and love handles.

Before and after images from CoolSculpting patients.