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Core Workouts Using CoolTone

Most people desire a smaller waistline. And many of those individuals also want to sculpt and define their abdominal muscles to show off. But, unfortunately, for most people, there is not enough time or energy, or even genetics available for chiseling the abs.

Fortunately, CoolTone offers a revolutionary way to work your core and define sexy washboard abs. Read on to learn more about Core Workouts with CoolTone and how this treatment builds, firms, and tones the body’s muscles with ease.

What Core Workouts Can and Cannot Do

Core exercises do effectively strengthen the abdomen. However, they do not shrink the waistline. Belly fat exercises targeting stomach bulges are, sadly, a myth. The idea you can “spot reduce” fat in a particular area is untrue for everyone. This is not how fat reduction works. So, if you are carrying extra weight around your belly, core exercises will not help.

Ab exercises strengthen your abdominals, but no number of sit-ups, crunches, or planks result in that “washboard ab” look for most people. Like other popular muscle groups, the tissues’ shape, size, and physiology are heavily influenced by genetics. These individuals need a bit of extra help to get the midsection transformation they want. This is where CoolTone comes into the picture.

Working Your Core with CoolTone

If you do not have time to spend in the gym or the genetics to sculpt a six-pack easily, CoolTone is scientifically proven to strengthen your core.

CoolTone uses advanced electromagnetic technology to induce a physical response known as magnetic muscle stimulation. During CoolTone sessions, the electromagnetic energy safely penetrates the muscle tissues of the abdomen. The energy stimulates the tissues, causing them to contract.

One Core Workout with CoolTone induces more than 20,000 contractions in a single, painless, 30-minute treatment.

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The contractions of a CoolTone workout are not like regular muscle contractions you achieve through manual exercises. Instead, the CoolTone contractions are more powerful and impossible to accomplish independently.

In response to powerful tension, the tissues adapt to the contractions by creating more muscle cells and enlarging existing ones. As a result, CoolTone workouts result in a stronger core with sculpted, defined abs.

Cool Tone Before and After*

Mans abdomen before and after Cooltone treatment at Admire aesthetics.
Womans buttocks before and after cooltone treatment at Admire Aesthetics.
Womans abdomen before and after Cooltone treatment at Admire Aesthetics.

Cool Tone before and after images show the impressive results possible with this body sculpting treatment. As with any cosmetic treatment, results may vary.* However, each patient exhibits typical muscle building results possible with a Cool Tone core workout. It is important to note that Cool Tone is skill sensitive. To achieve optimal abdominal building, strengthening, and sculpting, you need to locate the most prestigious provider in your area.

CoolTone Near Me

If you live in the Grants Pass or Medford, OR area and want to learn more about core workouts with CoolTone, contact Admire Aesthetics. We are the leading provider of this popular body sculpting treatment in our area. Call us at 541-210-8806 to schedule a complimentary consultation and achieve a total midsection transformation.

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