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CoolTone Results | What to Expect with Body Sculpting

CoolTone is a body sculpting treatment. It builds, tones, and strengthens large muscle groups, including the abdomen, glutes, and more. As the primary provider of CoolTone treatments in Grants Pass, Oregon, Admire Aesthetics ensures the best CoolTone results possible. They are also available to answer questions about this treatment. Such queries include:

  •  What results are possible with CoolTone?
  •  How long do the results last?
  •  When will I see the CoolTone results?
  •  How can I maintain optimal muscle tone and strength afterward?

In addition, view Admire Aesthetics Before and After results gallery to see what is possible with CoolTone and what you can expect to achieve with body sculpting.

What Can I Expect from CoolTone?

CoolTone treatments work the muscles using advanced technology. Magnetic muscle stimulation induces more than 20,000 powerful contractions in a muscle group. One 30-minute treatment is all it takes to achieve this impressive amount of contractions. On average, studies show patients typically see a 19% increase in muscle thickness.

Learn more about How CoolTone Works>>

In addition, studies show that CoolTone results in fat reduction around the target treatment zone. For example, patients see a 27.4% decrease in subcutaneous fat at their 6-month CoolTone follow-up.

The results are often noticeable after a single 30-minute session. However, a series of 4 to 6 CoolTone treatments, spaced two to three days apart, is recommended for the best body sculpting outcomes.

When Will I See My Cool Tone Results?*

Cool Tone results take two to four weeks to appear. Your body may experience progressive muscle improvements for six months following your treatments. As with all body shaping treatments, results will vary.*

How Long Do Results Last?

CoolTone results on the muscles are temporary. Your results last between 3 and 6 months without maintaining your enhanced physique.

How Can I Maintain My CoolTone Results?

The only way to ensure you keep your muscle mass is if you use your muscles. The best way to maintain your new and improved muscles is to use them during regular strength training exercises.

In addition, many CoolTone patients undergo maintenance treatments to continue seeing impressive, strong, and defined muscles.

CoolTone Results Before and After*

The CoolTone results before and after images prove how exceptional body sculpting is for muscle definition and fat reduction. The images show real patients. They also illustrate the results possible from undergoing CoolTone from a reputable provider like Admire Aesthetics. As with all body treatments, results may vary. *

CoolTone Near Me

If you want to experience transformative CoolTone results, take the first step today. Call Admire Aesthetics at 541-210-8806 or reach out to us online to learn more. We are the leading provider of CoolTone in Grants Pass and Medford, Oregon, providing patients with the body sculpting results they want and deserve.


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“High intensity focused electromagnetic therapy evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging: Safety and efficacy study of a dual tissue effect based non‐invasive abdominal body shaping.” Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. 2018. Link.

Tiffany DiGiuseppe​, experienced and renowned technician for aesthetics at Admire Aesthetics.

Tiffany DiGiuseppe

Admire Aesthetics was founded by Tiffany DiGiuseppe. Tiffany has been in the medical field for 22 years. The last 14 years have been devoted to a wide array of medical aesthetics. Specifically, the last 10 years in body contouring.

Admire Aesthetics, Inc. is a CoolSculpting specialty practice located in Medford, OR. We are recognized by Allergan to be a Certified CoolSculpting facility, with the highest level of recognition given. We have performed over 12,000 CoolSculpting procedures! We take pride in always maintaining the most up-to-date treatment options and equipment to ensure the best results which are all backed by our “Admire Promise” guarantee.


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