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CoolSculpting After Weight Loss: How Body Contouring Can Help Your Journey

In the United States, nearly 42% of adults are obese1. So, it is not a surprise that many obesity-related health issues are on the rise. Obesity-related health conditions include type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. These are among the leading causes of premature and preventable death. Many obese and overweight people choose to make healthy lifestyle changes and shed excess weight. Achieving a healthy weight is a worthy goal that comes with many benefits. However, some people discover their body shape may not look as expected once the pounds come off.

Loose skin is one of the more common problems associated with weight loss. People who lose a lot of weight often struggle with sagging skin around the neck or chin areas. This can cause embarrassment and shame. In addition, many people who lose weight also experience stubborn pockets of fat. These fat pockets can cause some areas to look overweight, even when the rest of the body looks thin. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that addresses both common issues. CoolSculpting after weight loss can help you improve your physique and get the best results from your fitness journey.

How CoolSculpting Works

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment also known as cryolipolysis. It works by freezing excess fat cells. This gentle procedure is based on the principle that fat cells are highly susceptible to cold temperatures. They can’t handle cold as well as other skin cells can. Once the adipose cells freeze and die, the body digests them.

With the precise application of cold temperatures, CoolSculpting treatment freezes unwanted fat cells. Macrophages (a type of white blood cell) then slowly consume the frozen cells. In this way, excess fat is effectively eliminated from the body. This process can take a few months to complete. Therefore, visible results may not be apparent immediately after the procedure. However, most patients can see a noticeable difference after approximately three months.

One retrospective study shows patient results at three months post-treatment. Caliper measurements showed a 23% reduction in the thickness of the treated fat layers. Of the patients involved in the study, 82% said they would recommend the procedure to others2.

Follow your provider’s recommendations for optimal results from CoolSculpting after weight loss. Some people may only need one treatment per target area to achieve their desired results. Others may require up to three treatments per target area.

Benefits of CoolSculpting After Weight Loss

There are many benefits to receiving CoolSculpting after weight loss. Sometimes, the body doesn’t look as toned and shapely as you might expect after losing a lot of weight. You may also notice certain “problem areas” where the weight simply refuses to come off. Here are some of the unique benefits CoolSculpting can offer as a post-weight loss treatment:

  • No scalpels or sutures
  •  Long-lasting results
  •  Minimal discomfort
  •  Minimal recovery time
  •  Proven results
  •  FDA-cleared as a safe medical treatment
  •  Targeted removal of excess fat cells
  •  Improved body shape and appearance

CoolSculpting is an excellent alternative to liposuction and other more invasive fat-reduction procedures. Most people only experience mild discomfort during the procedure and virtually no downtime.

CoolSculpting Before and After*

Many patients who have recently lost weight come to us for body contouring treatments. We maintain before and after photos of our patients. We want interested individuals to see the changes facilitated by CoolSculpting treatments. In clinical studies, 86% of treated subjects experienced improvements from CoolSculpting3. This outcome is more favorable than some other lipolysis technologies. We acknowledge that no two bodies are precisely the same. Therefore, individual outcomes to CoolSculpting after weight loss may differ.*

Schedule CoolSculpting After Weight Loss

 Have you recently lost weight and want to get rid of sagging skin? Or perhaps you have pockets of stubborn fat that won’t go away. We recommend receiving CoolSculpting after weight loss. This non-surgical body contouring procedure can help you on your journey to the ideal body. Schedule a consultation now if you’re unhappy with your sagging neck or ready to rid yourself of your belly pooch. We can also help you improve areas you’re already proud of but want to enhance even more.

You’ve done most of the hard work already. Now, let us help you cross the finish line with a beach-ready body you’re proud to show off. To schedule your CoolSculpting Elite consultation, call Admire Aesthetics at 541-210-8806. We proudly serve the Medford and Grants Pass, Oregon, areas.

CoolSculpting Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost for CoolSculpting after weight loss can vary based on the size of the treatment area. However, the average cost falls somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000 per treatment.

CoolSculpting has a high success rate. It demonstrates consistent improvements in skin laxity, texture, and cellulite4. However, you may not be a good candidate for the procedure if you have very saggy skin with extreme laxity. People with cryoglobulinemia, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, or cold agglutinin disease should also avoid the procedure. Contact us if you have any questions about your eligibility for CoolSculpting.

Most people describe CoolSculpting as a minimally uncomfortable procedure. It is non-invasive and does not involve incisions or sutures. Some people describe tingling, pulling, cramping, or aching sensations during treatment. These sensations should subside soon after the completion of each session.

Side effects of CoolSculpting after weight loss are generally mild. They may include redness, bruising, swelling, and tenderness at the treatment site. There is also a very rare side effect called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This occurs when the treated fat cells become larger instead of smaller. This is a cosmetic side effect that requires surgery to correct but is not dangerous.

Most people can get back to their normal activities immediately after the procedure. It’s normal for the treatment site to be sore and red afterward. These symptoms should subside within a few weeks. To experience the best treatment outcome, we recommend eating a healthy diet and exercising daily. Healthy lifestyle habits will help you maintain the results of your CoolSculpting treatments.


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