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Tired of the Gym? Try These Body Contouring Treatments Instead

Are you tired of hearing you must sweat away years of your life at the gym to maintain an attractive physique? Though some people live, eat, and breathe public fitness, others aren’t so charmed by the “gym rat” lifestyle. There’s no denying the importance of regular physical activity for maintaining your health and your physique. But that doesn’t mean you must walk for an hour on a treadmill daily.

Going for a hike, playing with the kids at the park, and walking the dog are all great forms of exercise that are more enjoyable than climbing stairs at the gym. To further boost the results of these types of activities, consider receiving nonsurgical body contouring treatments. They can help tone your body and tighten up loose, aging skin—all without needing to step foot in a gym!

Why Am I Not Seeing Results With Diet and Exercise?

a woman looking disappointed with weight loss

Fitness gurus often claim that to get the ideal body, you just need to “work harder.” To them, this may mean increasing your daily workouts to two hours or adopting a highly restrictive diet. But people who take extreme measures to try to perfect their bodies often wear out eventually. When this happens, they may rebound and regain some or all of their lost weight.

Losing or maintaining weight is more challenging for some people than for others. If you’re doing everything right in the nutrition and exercise department but still can’t firm up, there’s likely something else going on.

Fortunately, body sculpting may help you finally achieve the improvements you can’t get through diet and exercise alone. But it’s still a good idea to figure out why you can’t achieve your ideal diet through traditional methods alone. Here are some of the top reasons people don’t see the results they want despite adopting a strict diet and exercise routine:

  • Eating insufficient protein
  • Developing overtraining syndrome
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Not staying adequately hydrated
  • Snacking too frequently
  • Having certain medical conditions (such as polycystic ovary syndrome or hypothyroidism)
  • Genetics
  • Unrealistic expectations

Some of these challenges are easy to overcome (such as improving your protein intake or properly hydrating your body). Others may be more difficult to combat (such as genetic predispositions to weight gain or certain medical conditions that make weight loss challenging).

Top 3 Nonsurgical Body Contouring Treatments to Try

If the typical sweat more, eat less mentality hasn’t helped you reach your body goals, don’t give up. Body contouring may be the answer you’ve been hoping to find. Unlike surgical interventions that can be risky and leave scars behind, there are plenty of nonsurgical treatments available. They can improve your physique with little to no risk of complications. Here are three top body sculpting treatments to consider if you want to tighten and tone your physique.

1. Trusculpt FLEX

a man getting trusculpt flex

Trusculpt FLEX is an FDA-cleared device for strengthening, firming, and toning various body parts. Your provider can recommend a customized treatment based on your unique body appearance goals.

How Does Trusculpt FLEX Work?

Trusculpt FLEX uses multi-directional stimulation (MDS) technology to stimulate muscle contractions. This remarkable treatment can even stimulate deep muscles that are difficult or impossible to activate during regular gym sessions. A single abdomen treatment can mimic the muscle-stimulating effects of thousands of abdominal crunches.

The rapid and intense muscle contractions caused by Trusculpt FLEX treatments may feel strange. However, treatment should never be painful. The treatment causes microscopic tears to form in the targeted muscle tissues. The body then launches a self-repair process, which helps heal the area and results in improved muscle tone, strength, and size.

Trusculpt FLEX is a highly customizable body contouring treatment that offers the following three treatment modes:

  1. Prep mode: This warms the muscles up and stimulates twisting motions.
  2. Tone mode: During this phase of treatment, the device causes your muscles to contract. They stay contracted until exhaustion., which helps improve strength and build muscular endurance.
  3. Sculpt mode: When Trusculpt FLEX is in this mode, it stimulates deep muscle contractions. It’s the most high-intensity mode and causes intense contractions of the deep muscles. It helps increase muscle fiber density. It also improves your basal metabolic rate, so it’s easier for your body to burn calories while at rest.

Your provider will select the right treatment settings for your needs based on your specific goals. Their goal is to help you achieve optimal treatment results.

Trusculpt FLEX Benefits

If you thought you needed surgery to improve muscle definition and tighten your body, you’d be happy to know that’s not true. Nonsurgical body contouring treatments like Trusculpt FLEX make achieving the body you want easier without a single scar or incision. Here are some additional benefits this remarkable treatment offers:

  • Stronger, more toned muscles
  • Fully customizable treatments
  • No risky surgical incisions
  • Intense muscle stimulation
  • Quick and convenient treatments
  • No downtime or harsh side effects

Most people experience minimal discomfort during Trusculpt FLEX treatments. Post-treatment side effects are mild and temporary. They commonly include localized muscle soreness, redness, and minor swelling. For most people, these symptoms resolve completely within a few days.

Combining TruSculpt FLEX With CoolSculpting Elite

If you want optimal muscle definition, consider combining TrusCulpt FLEX procedures with CoolSculpting Elite treatments. Though CoolSculpting Elite doesn’t build muscle like Trusculpt FLEX, it burns off fat, making your muscles more visible.

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2. VelaShape

Like Trusculpt FLEX, VelaShape is a non-invasive treatment for sculpting and firming the body. However, instead of stimulating muscle contractions, VelaShape stimulates collagen and elastin production in the body. As a result, the skin becomes tighter and firmer. Many patients receive VelaShape treatments to reduce the appearance of cellulite and achieve a smoother appearance.

How Does VelaShape Work?

VelaShape body sculpting treatments use bipolar radio frequency (RF) energy, vacuum suction, and infrared light to achieve impressive results. The RF energy heats unwanted pockets of fat cells and their surrounding connective tissues, helping reduce trouble areas and having a slimming effect.

A single VelaShape treatment can smooth dimpling and improve the skin’s appearance. However, most providers recommend a series of up to six initial treatments to get the best possible results. Many patients also receive regular maintenance treatments to keep their bodies smooth and toned.

VelaShape Benefits

VelaShape is not a weight loss treatment. However, it is a highly effective body sculpting treatment that can improve the shape of your body and reduce cellulite and other trouble spots. Here are some of the benefits you can receive with a series of VelaShape treatments:

  • Relatively painless procedure
  • Smoother, less dimpled skin
  • Fast treatment times (usually 30 minutes or less)
  • No downtime or harsh side effects
  • Works well when combined with other body contouring treatments
  • Is safe for all types of skin

VelaShape treatment results are subtle and natural-looking. Therefore, they are perfect for anyone who wants to improve the shape of their body without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves. Side effects are typically mild and fleeting and may include mild localized discomfort and skin redness. Rarely, patients may experience changes in skin sensation after treatment.

3. Emsculpt NEO

a woman getting emsculpt neo

Emsculpt NEO body contouring treatments tone the muscles and target fat cells to reveal a shapelier physique. Patients commonly receive Emsculpt NEO body contouring treatments to firm up problem areas. Common treatment areas include the abdomen, legs, butt, and arms.

Emsculpt NEO not only tones the muscles in the treatment areas but also helps melt away fat cells. It isn’t a weight loss treatment but can smooth, lift, and slim the body. It’s the ideal treatment for those who are at or near their ideal weight but still have stubborn pockets of fat or weak muscles.

How Does Emsculpt NEO Work?

Emsculpt NEO sends RF energy into the fat tissue to melt away unwanted fat cells. It also strengthens and builds muscle by stimulating muscle contractions with high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. The Emsculpt NEO device is FDA-cleared for fat reduction and muscle strengthening.

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Emsculpt NEO Benefits

As with the other treatments mentioned here, Emsculpt NEO is a nonsurgical body contouring treatment. Therefore, patients who receive this treatment don’t need to worry about scalpels or stitches. Here are a few more benefits that make this treatment so popular:

  • Reduces fat and improves muscle tone
  • Short, 30-minute treatment times
  • Delivers excellent results in just a few treatments
  • Provides a natural-looking appearance
  • Most patients experience minimal discomfort during treatment
  • Minimal to no post-treatment side effects

Some people experience post-treatment side effects, which are usually mild and resolve quickly. They may include mild skin soreness, temporary muscle weakness in the treated area, and redness.

Schedule Your Noninvasive Body Contouring Treatments

If you’re tired of pushing your body to its limits at the gym without getting the desired results, it may be time to try a gentler approach. Noninvasive body sculpting treatments can help firm and shape your physique in a matter of minutes. It’s important to eat healthfully and get daily physical activity. But if exercise and diet alone aren’t helping you reach your aesthetic goals, consider body contouring treatments. To schedule your Trusculpt FLEX or VelaShape treatments, contact Admire Aesthetics at 541-210-8806.


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